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Aluminum Mini

Made in the USA, Ranco trailers are built with the highest quality materials to ensure reliability and durability on any job site. The satisfaction of our customers is unmatched by any other trailer company nationwide.

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Aluminum Mini


  • 15.3 Cubic Yard Capacity per Trailer (With Riser)
  • 7.79 Cubic Yard Capacity per Trailer (Without Riser)
  • 10,900 lbs Weight per Set (approx.)
  • Aluminum Hub Axles, 71.5″ Track, 5″ Round, 25,000 lb
  • Drums: Centrifuge Outboard Drums
  • 11  X 22.5 Tires on 11 X 24.5 Aluminum Wheels
  • ABS Brake System, 16.5″ X 7″ S-Cam Type, Auto Track Adjusters
  • DOT Approved Plumbing System
  • Three Leaf Springs Suspension Under Mount
Gates & Hopper:
  • 10 Gal Aluminum Tub Skin
  • 12 Gal Aluminum Riser
  • 3/16 Gal Aluminum Gates
  • Versa Valve Gate Controls on Left, Electronically Actuated from Truck Cab
  • Gate Hoses are 1/2″ with One Quick Release Valve per Cylinder
  • Aluminum Welded Gate Seals on Exterior of Gates
  • Polyurethane Paint
  • High Tensile Steel Frame
  • 14 Gauge Aluminum Bolt-On Shed Plates
  • Aluminum Fenders
  • 36″ German Turntable Double Bearing
  • 3′ Long Drawbar, Square Tubing, Cast Steel Hinged Bracket, Rubber Bushing, 2.375″ ID Swivel Type Eyebolt with Safety Cable